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From bargains on brands you know to local discoveries you can’t live without, tap Buy Now and pay directly with Facebook Pay.

Facebook Shop

Whether you’re buying from a major brand or a local store on Facebook Shop, tap Buy Now to pay with Facebook Pay.

Please note that some merchants will direct you to their websites for checkout, and that Facebook Pay may not be available at this time.

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Want to support friends and the causes they care about? Donate directly to their fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also find Facebook pages for non-profits with all kinds of important missions. Contribute to their success with Facebook Pay.

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Use Facebook Pay to buy the latest games and make in-game purchases. You can even send Stars to the gaming Creators you love and subscribe to their channels.

You can also buy tickets to live events with Facebook Pay or take in original shows and on-demand videos on Facebook Watch.

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Facebook Pay is an easy, secure way to pay in more places than ever. Simply open Facebook, add your payment information, create a PIN and you’re good to go.

Visit Facebook Pay settings to manage your payment methods and to view your transaction history — a list of the payments you’ve made with Facebook Pay on your connected apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use Facebook Pay on Facebook App?

Facebook Pay is available to use when making a donation, purchasing games or event tickets, and sending money or making purchases on Facebook Shop and Marketplace. Facebook Pay is only available with merchants where secure checkout on Facebook is noted. It is not available for all shopping transactions on Shop and Marketplace.

How do I buy something on Facebook Shop or Marketplace?

On the Facebook menu, tap Shop. Facebook Pay is available to use with merchants selling on Facebook. These merchants will show a message: Secure checkout on Facebook.

How do I donate to a fundraiser or charitable organization on Facebook?

You can donate from a person’s post or directly from a Facebook fundraiser or a charitable organization’s page on Facebook:

  1. Tap Donate on the post.

  2. Enter the amount you'd like to donate

  3. Select a payment method or enter your payment account information.

  4. Tap Donate.

How do I pay for gaming purchases on Facebook?

To make an in-game purchase, pay for Stars or fan subscriptions:

Purchasing on a desktop

  1. Select Add New Card to add your credit or debit card to Facebook Pay

  2. You'll then be prompted to enter your payment method

  3. Click Buy to complete

Purchasing on a mobile device

  • You can use a credit or debit card connected to your Apple or Google Play Store account as a payment method. Keep in mind, you will not be able to update your payment settings through Facebook Pay. Please visit the Apple or Google Play Store directly to update your payment method or account settings. We are working to bring Facebook Pay to more experiences overtime.

How do I connect Facebook Pay from Facebook to Instagram?

To connect Facebook Pay to Instagram, you must first set up Facebook Pay on Facebook or Messenger, then connect your payment info within Facebook Pay settings:

  • In the Facebook app: Go to Settings > Facebook Pay > Connect Facebook Payment Info

  • In the Instagram app: Go to Menu > Orders and Payments > Connect Facebook Payment Info